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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Neither Lanugae Sucks - You Do

If there is anything that pisses me off more about programming language-specific forums and message boards, it is the occasional argument of why 'x' language is better than 'y' language. It is about the most useless and annoying series of geekish feuding that exists.

I tend to peruse forums semi-regularly to stay up-to-date on software and technology and I just loathe seeing the thread that is just instigating a textual fight over the asinine.

As an example, I was recently perusing some developer forums (sun java) where someone felt the need to be so bold as to put forth the idea that PHP was as good as Java for web programming. What flew out of the mouths on both sides of the argument was just short of utter stupidity. A php guy was claiming things and yet obviously had no comprehension of Java. Java guys were throwing around arguments that showed absolutely no comprehension of PHP. It is pathetic - but it is a scene played out all over the web.

So, to put all of the bullshit to rest, the right answer is: The best language is the one that is chosen to be used - period. For the retarded amongst you - this means that I say use whatever language you want to use - it really doesn't matter..... at all..... end of story. No more boring and innacurate arguments over the merits of flaws of a language, no more boring and innacurate arguments over "scalability", no more boring and innacurate arguments about the finer points of a given syntax - just shut the fuck up and program.

Next time you even think about starting a thread about why 'x' language is better than or worse than 'y' language, remember the title of this post.


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